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Food Handler Examinations

The Public Health Act requires that workers operating in the food processing industry be examined at least twice a year to ensure that they do not have transmissible diseases such as TB , Salmonella, Shigella or any other enteropathogens (parasites or bacteria) since they handle food for the general public. Food handlers include people who work with food such as canteen staff, hotel staff, butchery staff and all those who handle food directly, thus the need for them to be examined periodically, The tests required include chest x-rays, rectal or stool, urine tests, syphilis, hepatitis and physical examination. Omnipath Medical Laboratories has done food handling tests for the following companies such as Servco, Introwise, Cairns Foods, Lobels , Windmill, National Foods, Olivine , Surface Wilmer , Nestle, Rainbow Towers, Pepsi, Cresta , Schweppes, Ingwebu Breweries , Bulawayo Abbatoir, Tanganda, Pick N Pay etc.

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